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Kevin Chou

VP of Engineering

What I do at ZEBEDEE

My role is to ensure the stability and growth of the engineering team.  Empower engineers to achieve company and career milestones by providing guidance and support.

I also oversee the work produced from the engineering team meets requirements and expectation.  Making sure user experiences for internal and external products stay consistent and reliable.


Bitcoin, FinTech, and Gaming are three of the hottest industries to work in right now.  ZEBEDEE falls in all three of them.  We work with some of the most prominent individuals and companies in the Bitcoin world.

We empower developers to take ownership on the work they produce.  We want developers to take pride in the work they do.  As a globally remote company, we give developers freedom to manage their time, and to figure out what is the best way to work with each other.

If Bitcoin and Gaming are your passion, then we're definitely the place for you because it is our mission to put Bitcoin into the hands of millions of Gamers out there. 

Who am I?

I started my career as an Industrial Engineer, eventually finding my passion as a software developer.

I've worked as full stack developer from startups at a VR company, a digital product agency, and now with ZEBEDEE.  At the product agency I've been taking lead as the main software engineer/builder for different start ups, as well as assigned to be a part of the core engineering group in corporates.

My tenure at ZEBEDEE started when Andre Neves(CTO) reached out to me to join as the first engineer/employee.  As the team scales, I've taken on responsibilities to ensure that we are constantly delivering values to our users and stakeholders.

Advice for prospective candidates

Aside from your technical skills, there are a few traits that we find on ZEBEDEE engineers.  Ownership, Effectiveness, Supportive, Respectful, and Growth Mindset.  These are important values because we believe it would allow us to create a better workplace, and allow us to become better individuals.  Take some time to think about these values and it would be very helpful if you understand them.
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